Angela Okorie Accuses Zubby Michael Of Attempt To Derail Her Acting Career 


NOLLYWOOD actress, Angela Okorie has stirred a frenzy as she makes staggering accusations against her colleague in the make-believe industry, Zubby Michael in a video that has captured attention online.

The thespian took to social media to vent at colleagues who are acting as impediments for others.

According to her, there are many big names in the industry who are always trying to use intimidation to oppress those who are beneath them.

She named Zubby Michael as one of such people on the list and went on to describe how he conspires against her and tries to derail her career.

Angela Okorie noted that there are a lot of backstabbing going on in the industry and she has decided to cut off connections with most of her colleagues.

Speaking further, she alleged that some of her colleagues secretly pay trolls to come online and insult her, since they cannot do it themselves.


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