Bizarre! Celestial Church Assistant Pastor Kills Presiding Pastor Inside Church, Burnt Corpse On The Altar


TRAGEDY struck in Ile-Ife, Osun State when an assistant priest, Lekan Ogundipe, killed the presiding priest of a Celestial Church of Christ in the Omitoto area, Evangelist Moris Fadehan inside the church and burnt his corpse on the altar.

It was gathered that the incident occurred on Monday evening after the presiding priest resumed prayer.

Ogundipe was said to have ambushed the presiding priest with a bell, knives and nails, stabbing him repeatedly.

It was learnt that an unresolved case of physical assault by the assistant priest on a prophetess simply identified as Mummy Ewa last Wednesday caused a rift between the duo.  

The owner of the church, Pa Olafare, in a video obtained on Tuesday, explained: “The deceased had reported to me that he was to disengage Lekan (suspect) as his assistant over many unlawful acts.

Most recent of them include the assault on a prophetess in the church last Wednesday and I agreed with him, but he added that he will take the decision after consulting with the elders.

“But while I was about to eat on Monday evening, the said Lekan came to the house and told me fire was burning on the deceased body and that he was lifeless on the floor.

“I drove back with him and my wife to the church where we found the deceased body burnt inside the church.

“We discovered blood stains on different parts of his body and cuts. While asking him how he got the stains, he attempted to run. We grabbed him and locked him in my car before calling in the police.

“We unwrapped the deceased body and discovered that there was a nail in his ear and several cuts on the head and neck before we took the body to the morgue of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife.

“Meanwhile Lekan later confessed to the police that he perpetrated the crime because of a dispute with the deceased.”

The prophetess explained: “The suspect attacked me last Wednesday when I told him to stop telling members that we were in a relationship, Pastor Fadehan met with the unfortunate incident and warned Lekan against the assault on the Church.”

Osun Police spokesman Yemisi Opalola confirmed Ogundipe, who is the prime suspect, had been arrested and the corpse of Pastor Moris Fadehan deposited at the OAUTHC morgue for autopsy.

She said, “At about 10:15 am on Monday, one Moris Fadehan, aged 65 years, of Grace of Comfort Oke Odo, Omitoto, Ile-Ife, was killed by one Lekan, who is also a member of the church. Upon arrival, his body was found in a pool of blood. Marks of violence were also discovered on the body of the deceased.

“The suspect was arrested at the scene of the crime. Remains of the deceased were deposited at the OAUTHC morgue for autopsy.”

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