Chrisland School Girl Couldn’t Have Been Drugged’, Clinical Psychologist Counter Mother’s Claim


An Abuja based clinical psychologist has countered the claim of the mother of a female student involved in a viral sex video featuring students of Chrisland School, Lagos that she was drugged before the act.

Alexander Steven said the mother’s claim that psychoactive drugs were used on her 10-year-old girl before they took advantage of her could not be convincing.

“I doubt that she was drugged. The reason I think so is that if they drugged her, where did they get the drugs? That was in Dubai, where you can’t easily get these things. Except one of the children brought it along from Nigeria. And how would they have passed the airport authority with those things? It would be very difficult. Anyone who has travelled to Dubai knows how tough they are,” he said.

Steven added that the drug claim is flaccid if the action recorded in the video was real, saying that the girl was an active participant in the act.

“They are two different things if she was participating or not. If she wasn’t doing anything and just lying there helplessly, we could say she was drugged. But if she was participating, then there is no question of drugs,” he said.

When asked if some drugs could make people want to participate in sexual activities even if they were unwilling, he said not in this case.

“Not at all. This is supposed to be something she had never done before according to her mother. If she’s never done it before, of course,e the video is going to show that it’s an inexperienced act. So I don’t believe that she was drugged, if she was drugged then she must have been lying down helpless.

“And as a child, the potency of the drug would be enough to knock her out completely. If it didn’t knock her out and she was awake, then there’s a false assertion there,” he said.

The Lagos State Government shut down Chrisland School after a video showing underage students of the school engaging in immoral sexual acts surfaced online.

The school suspended the female student for her participation in the act.

Following that, the student’s mother put out a video online where she narrated what happened from her daughter’s account of the events which occurred.

The girl’s mother called on Nigerians for help, alleging that the school is trying to hide the truth behind the incident.

“Please, I am begging Nigerians to help me because Chrisland is trying to hide this issue. They are trying to push us out of the way and my daughter is affected psychologically. Please, I need help as a mother. I am begging fellow Nigerians to help me,” she said.

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