Eti-Osa East LCDA Chairman In Alleged N1.9bn Financial Scandal, Misappropriation 


THE Chairman of the Eti-Osa East Local Council Development Area, (LCDA) John Campos Ogundare is currently enmeshed in allegation of misappropriation of the 2023 budget of the council to the tune of One Billion, Nine Hundred Million Naira (N1.900,000.00).

A reported oversight function conducted by the legislative council of the LCDA revealed that the chairman disregarded the 2023 appropriation act and allegedly engaged in extra-budgetary spending estimated to be One Billion, Nine Hundred and Seven Million Naira (N1, 907,000,000

A report of the legislative council, sighted by African Examiner, not only indicted the chairman but also accused him of failing to respond to the many questions about the One Billion, Nine Hundred Million Naira (N1.900,000.00)  budget deficits and misapplication of the 2023 budget.

“The budget deficit of One Billion, Nine Hundred Million Naira (N1.900,000.00) needs explanation as to when, where and how. 

“Furthermore, It has been established that while executing his functions, the executive chairman had diverted funds from the two most critical sectors and continued to strangulate good quality health service and deprive our children of good quality education as welfare and dividend of democracy to the people of Eti-Osa East LCDA.

“The executive chairman has a history of demonstrated disregard for the legislative house and penchant for acting at variance with the rule of law, due process and advice of the House.” the report partly states

The legislative council also accused Mr Ogundare of the following: 

  • Non-payment of the running cost to various departments as contained in the 2023 budget; 
  • Neglect of 25% payments of past political office holders severance in defiance of the advice of the governor and state House of Assembly; 
  • Executed projects and contracts with public funds without the approval of the legislative council;
  • Non-compliance with the budget of 2023 in the capital expenditure for the construction/rehabilitation of the public schools, PHC among others; 
  • The deliberate attempt to incapacitate and stifle the operation of the legislative arm through non-release of funds for rehabilitation and renovation of legislative chamber, running cost, office furniture allowance for all legislators, fueling/maintenance of official vehicles among others.”

The legislator also indicted the Treasurer and Auditor of the Council for allegedly conniving with the chairman to misappropriate the Council funds and failure to furnish the House with necessary information as regards 2023 budget spending.

Also, the legislative House stated that some contractors handling projects in the Council refused to honour their invitation accusing them of disrespect and insubordination to the legislative council.

Following the scathing indictment of the chairman, a concerned Eti-Osa taxpayer group has sent a petition to the state governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the state House of Assembly, and the EFCC.

In the petition dated 21 December 2023, the group accused political, traditional leaders and godfathers of shielding the chairman even as the group urged the EFCC to probe the chairman. 

African Examiner gathered that a monarch in Lagos, who is the council boss’s godfather is shielding him from being investigated and possibly prosecuted

Attempts to speak with the chairman on the allegation were unsuccessful as he did not pick up African Examiner reporter’s calls.

Source: African Examiner


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