Ex-Ogun State Gov’s Wife Olufunke Daniel Has Been My Tailor For Years – Pastor Tunde Bakare


THE Serving Overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has shared a compelling narrative about the wife of former Ogun State governor, Yeye Olufunke Daniel, whom he said has been the creative force behind his Agbada flowing gown for several years.

Pastor Bakare, a lawyer-turned-cleric, made this revelation while discussing the importance of adopting what he termed the “Jewish Phenomenon”. 

He passionately spoke against the prevailing trend of job seekers prioritising certificates over their inherent talents.

•Pastor Bakare

I started wearing this cloth since the beginning of this church, and you think I just want to show you I have Agbada. Do you know the woman who sewed this for me? She graduated from the University of Ibadan, started this business several years ago, and I kept patronising her.

“Her husband stepped into politics and became a two-term governor of Ogun State. She kept on with her business; she is still doing her business. 

“This is one of her outfits. She is Yeye Olufunke  Daniel, a graduate who followed her passion and started making these. 

“How much do you think she charges? Eat your certificate (Ebi a pa); hunger will not spare you. Keep on seeking a job,” Bakare shared, emphasizing the success story of Yeye Olufunke Daniel.

Pastor Bakare urged the audience to reconsider their perspectives on career choices and the pursuit of personal talents.

The pastor further engaged with members of his congregation, including an Architecture graduate who transitioned to Aso-Oke crafting and a Pharmacy graduate, Yemi Ogedengbe, who found success in cooking.

These examples illustrated the essence of the “Jewish Phenomenon,” advocating the diversification of skills beyond academic qualifications.

Pastor Bakare further stressed the need for individuals to embrace alternate trades alongside their certificates, foreseeing a future where job creation would require a blend of skills and entrepreneurship.

He criticised the prevalent job-seeking mentality, encouraging people to unleash their talents for the benefit of themselves and others.

“The future does not belong to job seekers. It belongs to job creators, entrepreneurs. It belongs to people like my mother who did not go to school but made Adire cloth,” Pastor Bakare stated, underlining the importance of nurturing one’s talents for economic empowerment.

•Yeye Olufunke Daniel

You bury your talents and carry your certificate with the nickname ‘applicant.’ Applicants, my foot. 

“The problem was created by you because you are depriving others of the talents you carry that could create jobs for more people.

“The government cannot continue creating jobs; that is not their job. In fact, civil service should be slashed.

“We have an over-bloated government; it should be slashed, and let us empower our citizens to introduce them to the Jewish phenomenon. Everyone has a trade.”

Pastor Bakare challenged the reliance on the government for job creation, advocating for a reduction in civil service and empowering citizens to explore diverse talents. 

His impassioned plea echoes the overarching message that everyone possesses a unique trade, waiting to be harnessed for personal and collective prosperity.


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