Explosion: Low Turnout At Kano Churches


Christian worshipers, particularly at the popular Our Lady Cathedral Catholic Church, Sabon Gari, Kano State, were on Sunday obviously still gripped with fear following the blast that rocked a residential building opposite Winner’s Academy Nursery and Primary School, Sabon Gari earlier in the week.

The blast was reportedly from a gas explosion and left nine people dead.

At the Sunday Morning Mass today, 22nd May 2022, the Cathedral, which used to be filled with worshippers, recorded a low number of attendants, as the seats were sparsely populated.

Previously, all the seats in the Cathedral were often filled, while the church ushers often provided additional seats for the overflowing worshippers outside the main building

However, it was not the scenario at today’s mass as all worshippers, who took the risk to attend the 6:30 am mass were comfortable as the Cathedral was still sparsely populated.

During the sermon, the officiating Reverend Father commended the efforts of the worshippers in attending the Sunday mass, despite the gas explosion that rocked some parts of Sabon Gari, which had been and still generating controversy among residents about the actual cause of the explosion, which vibration was felt within five kilometres range from the scene of the blast.

The Cathedral’s Ministry of Defence fortified security arrangements as worshippers were subjected to screening with bomb detectors before being allowed entry into the Cathedral premises. This was just as all cars were only allowed to park about 200 metres away from the Cathedral.

Similarly, more security operatives, as never before, were drafted in and around the Cathedral, as part of measures to avert any unforeseen disaster.

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