Ghanaian Music Is Shameful – Shatta Wale


Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale, has come out to praise Nigerians, while calling out Ghanaian music, saying it is shameful.

The adulation comes months after he created a meltdown against Nigerian music and the industry.

Making a shocking U-Turn, Shatta in a tweet on Sunday said, “Please can we just respect Nigerians for their hard work and stop comparing our lazy lifestyle to theirs?

“It’s a shame ppl think Nigerians will come hard at me, but see they are the ones doing the streaming cuz they understand what Talent means .. Ghana music is a shame.”

The tweet has since caused much bewilderment among Nigerians, while some Ghanaians are not taking lightly to the talkdown of their creatives.

Ghanaian fans who did not take too lightly to the insult, berated the artiste for being ungrateful and fighting with his fans, to which the singer responded in a follow up tweet saying: “So man can’t talk to some foolish ghana fans in peace, Nigeria pls ano come for una I beg, I am talking to ghana foolish fans association, I will come to you when I have beef over there plssss …let me finish with these f#ckers
I beg.”

His response further elicited brickbats from his fans.

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