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THE CP Olatunji Disu-led Rivers State Police Command has given a timeline of operations and activities that led to the death of Gift Okpara  (aka, 2Baba), the most wanted suspect in the brutal killing of the Ahaoda Divisional Police Officer (DPO), SP. Bako Angbasim.

Angbasim, a professional crime fighter, was brutally killed on 8 September 2023, in the Odeimude Community, Ahoada West Local Government Area by the Iceland Cult group led by 2Baba with his body decapitated, mutilated, and paraded in a viral video.

The police in a statement signed by the Public Relations Officer, Grace Iringe-Koko, confirmed their various efforts to apprehend the wanted killer, who had a  N100 million bounty placed on him by the state government.

The statement said upon assuming office as the Commissioner of Police for Rivers State on 15 November 2023, CP Olatunji Disu conducted an operational tour to Ahoada local government, where the late DPO was murdered.

During the tour, the police commissioner urged officers to intensify efforts in apprehending those responsible for the gruesome killing.

He also paid respects to the five innocent individuals, Charles Osu, Ogbobula Eja, Idaowukwa Felix, Paul Victor, and Achinivu Saturday Edi, who were tragically killed by 2Baba and his gang on suspicion of collaboration with the police.

The statement said despite the initial operation that led to the arrest of more than 70 suspects tied to SP Bako’s murder, 2Baba, and his gang managed to escape arrest by withdrawing into the forest, exploiting the difficult terrain, and strategically placing informants to monitor security forces’ movements.

It said undeterred, the police formed specialized teams, coordinating with the Army, Navy, Air Force, DSS, and NSCDC in joint security meetings with a resolution “that an attack on one agency is an affront to all, reinforcing their united pursuit of justice against the perpetrators”.

It said that on 28 November 2023, at 1600hrs, Commissioner of Police, Ola Tunji Disu, formed a special joint operation involving Tactical Units and the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) to apprehend the wanted suspect, David Gift Okpara (alias 2BABA), his associates, recover their weapons and ammunition.

The statement said: “On 29 November 2023, a female associate of 2Baba was arrested, offering valuable insights into the fugitive’s lifestyle.

“On 3 December 2023, information revealed that 2Baba frequently visited a nearby community via canoe. Despite a two-week surveillance for an ambush using human intelligence (HUMINT), he abruptly stopped visiting, seemingly aware of the proposed operation to be launched.

“On 6 December 2023, 2Baba executioner, Faithful Babinghton Joseph, seen wielding an AK47 in a viral gang video, was arrested at his Etche Local Government Area hideout. He died from a gunshot wound sustained during a failed escape attempt.

“On 13 December 2023, another female associate of 2Baba was apprehended.

“On 15 December 2023 (0100hrs), an attack was launched against 2Baba, but he evaded capture due to information provided by his network of informants in various communities. His camp was subsequently destroyed, prompting him to relocate.

“On 23 December 2023, operatives arrested a nurse and an informant who provided information to 2Baba leading to the killing of five individuals in his community. The nurse also facilitated logistical support for 2Baba’s gang, including food, illicit drugs, water, and gathering information on police activities. Both suspects are currently facing legal proceedings.

“On 31 December 2023, a multi-agency attack was launched on 2Baba’s camp, resulting in his narrow escape and subsequent relocation.”

It further stated: “From 19 January 2024, operatives successfully deployed advanced technology, revolutionizing their approach to the operation and gathering crucial intelligence.

“On 1 February 2024, it became clear through continuous surveillance that 2Baba strategically selected a campsite with difficult terrain to discourage land-based attacks, necessitating the use of canoes to reach the location.

“On 10 February 2024, the Command shared essential information with the Air Force. Around 19:30hrs on the scheduled day, the Air Force executed an aerial assault, causing significant casualties and injuries to 2Baba and his gang.

“On 17 February 2024, at around 12:00hrs, 2Baba and his gang attacked Okogbe Town and Odiokwu Community, destroying pipelines.

“At 04:00hrs, operatives raided 2Baba’s new camp. Despite a fierce gun battle, 2Baba and his gang members escaped. However, at around 14:00hrs, intelligence confirmed 2Baba’s death after he lost consciousness and resuscitation attempts failed.”

The police said efforts were in progress to retrieve the body of the infamous killer, while investigations into the Iceland Cult’s activities continued in the region

The statement said the operation adhered to the philosophy of policing by consent, where police authority relied on public consensus rather than force.

The statement said: “The Rivers State Police Command appreciates the support from stakeholders, enhancing intelligence-led operations and ensuring no injuries or casualties among law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of justice.

“The Rivers State Police Command remains resolute in its duty to protect the lives and property of the citizens, and it will continue to employ all necessary resources and strategies to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.”

The statement listed arms, ammunition, and materials recovered from the gang as an AK47 rifle, a G3 rifle, a scorpion rifle, a double barrel locally made gun, two locally made pistols, one cut-to-size double barrel gun, and one bulletproof vest.

13 pieces of dynamite, five rounds of .9mm live ammunition, army camouflage assorted charms, one human skull, and one jack knife.


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