I Paid Price For Preaching Truth…, Says Sacked Abuja Imam


Apo quarters Chief Imam, Muhammadu Nuru Khalid has described his recent sack as the price for saying the truth and aligning with the masses.

Khalid who will be leading a new set of worshippers on Jumat prayer on Friday twitted that the development is a true reflection of how Nigeria is today.

He twitted, “My sack is a reflection of how Nigeria is today. Many people are hiding under the cover of religion to perpetrate all manner of unwholesome acts.

“Such people would stop at nothing to take away people like me, who are pro-masses and bold enough to speak the truth to power always on behalf of voiceless Nigerians.

“This is the price we pay for aligning with the people and identifying with their sufferings.

“By the Grace of Almighty Allah, I will be leading my new congregation this Friday, because as clerics we need a platform to operate.

“There’s a Jum’mat mosque we built behind the CBN Quarters, in Abuja; I will now be leading the congregation there.”

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