I Won’t Cover Up My Boobs Because I Paid A Lot For Them  – Reality Star, Faith Morey


REALITY TV star, Faith Morey has revealed that she will not cover up her boobs because she paid a lot of money for them.

In an appearance on “Body Positivity” on News Central, the reality star said that as a child, she was a tomboy with no boobs.

She revealed that when growing up, she participated in several physical activities like basketball, which made it impossible for her to develop boobs as a female would.

Faith Morey, however, stated that because she desired larger boobs, she had to undergo surgery to achieve the desired size.

She noted she will not conceal what she paid a lot of money to obtain.

Faith Morey said, “I was a tomboy, I wanted bigger boobs. I paid a lot of money for it, I’m not going to cover it.”


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