Implement 2014 National Conference Report And Nigerians Will Never Forget You, Bode George Tells Tinubu 


FORMER Deputy National Chairman (South) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olabode George has enjoined President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to implement the 2014 National Conference report and be guaranteed that Nigerians will never forget him.

Speaking during an interview with The Cable, the former Navy officer stressed that executing the report’s recommendations could cement President Tinubu’s legacy, offering a lasting solution to the country’s myriad of issues.

He criticized the current democratic system’s inefficacy in tackling Nigeria’s problems, proposing consultation with the Council of State, composed of former heads of state and governors, for guidance. 

He emphasized the need to tap into their collective wisdom to address national challenges, noting the widespread hunger and frustration among the populace.

Chief George called on President Tinubu to prioritize implementing the 2014 National Conference report, asserting its potential to resolve Nigeria’s problems. He emphasized that such a step could secure a prominent place for Tinubu in history, ensuring recognition for generations to come. 

Chief George highlighted the Council of State as a valuable resource, suggesting that seeking advice from former leaders could benefit the nation. He referenced past presidents, like Obasanjo, who utilized special advisers outside their cabinets, emphasizing the importance of leveraging wisdom to navigate Nigeria’s challenges.

While expressing concern over the prevailing hunger and anger among Nigerians, Chief George underscored the urgency of addressing these issues through decisive action. He reiterated his plea for President Tinubu to focus on implementing the recommendations of the 2014 national conference report, which he believes holds the key to unlocking solutions for the country’s problems.

According to him: “There is the Council of State where we have former heads of state and governors. What is wrong in seeking advice from them? If it is for the good of this country, so be it. When Baba (Obasanjo) was president, he made use of special advisers who were not even part of his cabinet. Many people don’t know these ones. We don’t need to know them. All we need is their pool of wisdom to navigate our country out of these challenges. 

“We must not deceive ourselves. What we are operating presently is not working. People are hungry and they are therefore angry. I want Mr. Tinubu to do only one thing and Nigerians won’t forget him if he can do that. He should take the report of the 2014 national confab and implement the recommendations. The solutions to the problems of Nigeria have been provided in that report. If we can do so, we will remain on the golden pages of history for generations to come.”


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