Kate Henshaw Rain Curses On X User Who Alleged Actress Collected Bride To Delete Anti-Tinubu’s Post


NOLLYWOOD actress, Kate Henshaw,  has reacted to reports insinuating she was bribed by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to delete all of her social media posts criticising President Bola Tinubu and Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Weeks ago, an X user named @Caulcrick claimed that the actress’s allegiance was bought by the APC, leading her to remove all of her hateful remarks directed at Tinubu and Sanwo-olu.

@Caulcrick wrote: “Kate Henshaw has deleted all her vitriol against Sanwo-Olu and Tinubu. Who no like CORNed beef?

In response, Henshaw posted a screenshot of the report on Sunday morning along with a curse directed at the blogger and the X user.

She explained that she had remained mute on the claims for personal reasons, daring the accuser to produce evidence.

She wrote, “My silence for the past few weeks was for a personal reason.

“I’ve never been known to not speak my mind. Both the handles and the blogger, you will not end well!!

“You will meet such an unlucky fate in this life that you will wonder why you existed. You have the visibility you so hungrily crave right here on my page.

“Do with this what you will. Then post the evidence you so shamefully do not have, I dare you. Simple.”


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