Lady Calls Out Her Newly-Wedded Husband For Allegedly Deceiving Her Into Marrying Him


Two months after their wedding, a lady called out her husband, Emmanuel Egba, for allegedly deceiving her into marrying him.

The lady, identified as Oladimeji Oluwatosin, revealed they got married on 19th February 2022, at First East Circular Road, in Benin City, Edo State.

According to her, “We dated for six months and he said he wanted to get married. He deceived me into marrying him because we are Witnesses and we believe once we get married we can’t divorce, except on the grounds of adultery.

“He borrowed money to show off, pretended that he was rich and came for my hand in marriage. My family and I agreed because he was acting all nice.

“When we were preparing for the wedding, he lied that his company was owing him N11 Million. So my family took the responsibility for the wedding, did everything, only for me to get to his house and find out he has been lying to me all along.

“He promised to open a tailoring shop for me but he couldn’t even feed me, talk more about opening the shop. I told him I was going to tell the elders in our congregation and he threatened to kill me because he knew he would be disfellowshipped.

“He even locked me in the bathroom one day and I was screaming for help, luckily for me his neighbours came to my rescue. I left his house that day”, she claimed.

Efforts to speak with her hubby were unsuccessful as he bluntly refused to speak on the allegation when contacted.

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