Lagos Task Force Vow Clampdown On Street Party Organisers 


Mobolaji Michael 

THE Lagos State Task Force on Environment has condemned in its entirety the way and manner through which some residents in some parts of the state carry out their social activities including birthday parties and naming ceremonies on the street and roads in the state and thereby inconveniencing other road users and constituting a nuisance to the society.

The Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye has described the act as selfish and inconsiderate on the part of some individuals who deliberately take actions that cause discomfort to other law-abiding individuals in the state.

Speaking through Gbadeyan Abdbulraheem, Director, Press and Public Affairs of the task force, Jejeloye disclosed that the Agency had to disrupt a birthday celebration on a street in Yaba (name withheld) when it was discovered that celebrants and guests had occupied 95% of the road thereby slowing down vehicular movement and grossly inconveniencing Lagosians going about their business.

The Chairman further stated that areas like Lagos Island, Oworonshoki and Agege are major areas where such activities are predominant, even as he disclosed that the radar of the Lagos State Task Force on Environment would be set up to put such actions in check forthwith.

It is highly unacceptable that one would selfishly and ignorantly cordon off an entire street to throw parties and social events thereby causing noise pollution and traffic gridlock. It is the height of irresponsibility and henceforth anyone caught carrying out such a foolish act will be arrested and charged to the mobile court immediately.”

CSP Jejeloye appealed to Lagosians who are in the habit of blocking streets and roads in the state all in the name of carrying out some form of celebration to desist forthwith or face the wrath of the law. He highlighted locations across the state that are either privately owned or run by the government which are suitable enough for carrying out social events.

CSP Jejeloye warned residents that if such an event is to take place in these areas, express permission has to be obtained from the appropriate authorities and a copy of the approval submitted at the headquarters of the Agency before carrying out the planned social event.

“Members of the public are urged to please report any activity of blockage of inner streets or roads for social gathering to the nearest police station or the Lagos State Task Force for necessary action. All hands must be on deck to ensure that sanity is maintained in the Metropolis”,  Jejeloye enthused.


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