Lawyer Shot Dead After Delivering Ransom To Kidnappers


THERE are at least two different accounts of the circumstances leading to the shooting and subsequent death of Enugu-based legal practitioner, Eli Ugwu who was shot dead while exiting a forest in Kogi State after delivering ransom to kidnappers who had abducted his cousin.

An account says Barrister Ugwu met his untimely death in the hands of the kidnappers who after collecting the ransom decided to terminate the life of the ransom bearer. 

Yet another account indicates that Ugwu was fatally shot by military personnel as he emerged from the bush with his cousin, who had just been released by the abductors.

Those who subscribe to the second proposition point to a tragic encounter with the military upon Barrister Ugwu and his cousin’s exit from the bush. This is even Ugwu’s cousin reportedly sustained gunshot wounds during the incident, 

Mr Ugwu tragically lost his life in the crossfire. 

Meanwhile, the shocking turn of events has left the community reeling, with friends and colleagues mourning the loss of Barr Eli Ugwu,

The circumstances surrounding his death continue to be shrouded in uncertainty, prompting a deeper investigation into the tragic incident that has claimed the life of a dedicated legal practitioner.


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