Man Begs For Financial Assistance After Taking N2M Loan To Take A Lady Shopping


A South African man has landed in a financial crisis after making an unwise decision in a bid to impress a lady.

He reportedly took an R80,000 (N2,067,414.30) loan which he then used to take the said girl on a shopping spree in Sandton.

According to reports, he went on South Africa’s Radio 2000 to beg for help after the decision left him in serious debt.

South Africans familiar with the story, narrated what occurred in a series of tweets.

“There is a guy who took a 80k loan to take a girl to Konka and buy her clothes in Sandton.’

“Then they bumped into each other in a taxi after he’d ghosted her for a while after he gave her an impression that he was owning a smallanyan mansion he’d been house-sitting.

“I don’t get why he went on to Radio 2000 to ask for forgiveness from the girl, he needs to forgive himself.

“He was on Radio 2000 sometimes last week asking for help. Before he told the story he said he had financial problems,” the tweets read.

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