Men Are The Reason I Don’t Win Awards In Nigeria  — Yemi Alade


RENOWNED Afrobeat artiste affectionately referred to as Mama of Africa, Yemi Alade, has shed light on the reasons behind her infrequent wins at award ceremonies.

She expressed that when she first started in the musical scene, all the men had wanted to sleep with her. Her refusal to comply with such advances may have adversely affected her chances of receiving awards in Nigeria.

Yemi Alade expressed that a lot of times she is not nominated in award categories and that it largely has a lot to do with men. “There was a time in the industry when everyone wanted to sleep with me and it was like, ‘Yemi, if you don’t do this, you won’t have that. Today men are the reason I don’t win awards in Nigeria. 

“Going down with men was like a bridge I had to cross to get on some platforms, get some deals and even awards. When I made my decision never to engage in sexual activities for gains, lots of opportunities were automatically blocked for me.”

Yemi Alade also stated her confusion that even though she is one of the most viewed and most subscribed Nigerian female artistes on YouTube, she still constantly feels overlooked by the award shows.


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