Muslim Lawyer At Osinbajo’s Law Firm Counters Kperogi’s Claims


This firm has high practising Muslims and does not discriminate against anyone based on religion, ethnicity, gender or any other ground. Today, I am one of the partners in the firm and I started as a pupil counsel in 2008, and have risen through the ranks to the firm’s leadership.

Bashir Ramoni

Also, one of the longest-serving staff members in the firm, Ismaila Aromire is a practising Muslim whom the firm is very grateful to for his long years of service. When Prof Osinbajo was with the firm as Senior Partner, we Muslims got promoted to different cadres as at when due along with our peers who are Christians.

As a practising Muslim from birth and till date and a pioneer staff of Simmons Cooper Partners, I have only grown in the firm and not been discriminated against. We all have worked closely with this amiable man of repute for over a decade. He never for once took any decision that affected our faith and the practice of our religion. On the contrary, it was because of the Muslim faithful that Prof Osinbajo required the firm to start the weekly case review meetings earlier while also shortening it for Muslim staff in the firm to observe Jumu’ah service on Fridays.

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