As 2023 general election draws near, Muslims have rejected endorsement of Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for second term by members of the advisory council to Lagos Governor under the aegis of Governor Advisory Council (GAC), describing the move as robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The Muslims said that they do not have any personal issues against the governor but that they were against the move by the GAC that was aware of the earlier arrangement, particularly before the 2019 election.

According to the Muslims, its objections were based on the fact that Christians have had their two terms and that it was the turn of Muslims to produce the next governor for Lagos in 2023.

The Muslims under the umbrella of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) expressed their disagreement with the stance on Monday, arguing that the decision would amount to another Christian governor ruling the state for another term at the expense of Muslims.

While stressing that any plan to ensure Sanwo-Olu serve another would result to injustice, the Muslims threatened that they could be voting against the ruling party unless the issue is ironed out at a roundtable between leaders of the party, GAC, the Lagos State Government, and the Muslims across the state.

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