Police Commander Found Dead In Hotel Room


A Superintendent of Police has been found dead in his hotel room in Jos, Plateau State.

Nahun Gwadi Eli was found dead and lying on the floor beside his bed after concerned officers forced open his hotel room door.  

Doctors are said to have not ruled out the possibility of foul play in Supol Eli’s death. It was further gathered that until his death, Supol Eli was the Commander A/0 SWAT, Plateau State Command. 

According to sources, his men became worried after repeatedly calling his phone line, but it repeatedly rang out. This led some of the policemen to head to his hotel room, where they also knocked countless times, but got no response. This made them force the hotel room door open. 

The death of the SP has been ruled as sudden and unnatural death.

A police source said: “On 23rd of October, at about 5:30 pm, information was received from A/0 SWAT Plateau State Command that they have not seen nor heard from their Commander, SP Nahum Gwadi Eli.  

“He didn’t report to duty and his phone was ringing, but no response. 

“They decided to visit his hotel room, along old Airport Road, and when they got there, they knocked at the door and there was no response.  “They called the management of the hotel and forced the door open. 

“He was found lying on the ground beside the bed.”


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