Power Generation Records Marginal Growth To 84.5kMWH


Nigeria generated a total of 84,847.4MWh of energy on Sunday, 15th May 2022, recording a marginal 4.2% gain compared to 81,452.41MWh generated on the previous day.

This is according to information from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Power supply also appreciated by 4.2% to 83,742.69MWh on Sunday as against the 80,362.71MWh supplied on Saturday. The amount of power supplied on Sunday represents 98.7% of the total power generated.

Meanwhile, energy generation peaked at 3,694.2MW, which is 4.6% lower than the peak generation on Saturday, while off-peak generation was 3,346.5MW. Despite the marginal increase, Nigeria’s energy generation is still significantly below the minimum 105kMWh required to record some level of stability in power supply in the country.

Meanwhile, Nigerians continue to grapple with epileptic power supply, with multiple grid disruptions recorded so far in 2022, causing widespread blackouts across the country.

Highlight (15th May 2022)

• Peak generation – 3,694.2MW (-4.6%)

• Off-peak generation – 3,346.5MW (+29.2%)

• Energy generated – 84,847.4MWh (+4.2%)

• Energy sent out – 83,742.6MWh (+4.2%)

It is worth noting that the highest frequency for the day was 51.01Hz, while the lowest frequency was 49.05Hz.

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