When I Heard The Composition of Yemi Osinbajo Campaign Commitee


I was driving to work this morning when my phone rang, oh my informant from the Villa, immediately I had to put off my biripo Music blasting from the speakers of my Range Rover and as I was told the members of PYO Campaign Committee immediately I became pressed of peeing and I had to park my Car to answer the call of nature and as I was about to unzipp my trousers, I now looked up and saw a warning sign that says $10,000 fine for dumping of refuse and here I am to drop urine, I had to quickly zipped up as I can’t risk about five million Naira for just easing myself, rather I would pee inside my Range Rover.

Yes, Nigerians will be shocked to see names like Amosun, Aregbesola, Fashola, Fayemi, Ambode, Lai Mohammed, Ojodu, Adams Oshiomole, Ogun State governor and others from the South-West as arrowheads of PYOAstructure, Lagos State is their main target as for the first time in history, the Lion of Burdillion will be caged as the Presidency are bringing in oppositions in Lagos to crumble the Lion’s Den, my informant asked me a critical question, ‘JAF do you think a Vice-President or a Deputy Governor will go into contest without the approval of his principal?’ and this took me off balance.

The truth is that the Presidency headed by Buhari are the ones that asked PYO to run as they see BAT as a Merchant of Venice, that if he becomes President he would be another Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire in Nigeria, as a Student of history, Mobutu lent money to Zaire when that country went bankrupt from the proceeds of his looting.

For you singing high praises that BAT is a strategic politician, I want you to know that any successful individual is a function of the composition of his human resources which takes me to that Yoruba adage, ‘eniyan lan ri lèyin Basòrun ti afin pe ni aleti’ [it is people that are behind the great Bashorun that people always called him a powerful warrior], I can tell you that it won’t take the federal power 24 hours to reduce BAT to the mere spectator in the political space in Nigeria.
He will be so lucky to read the Story alive.

Anyway, back to my peeing saga I was lucky I had some bottles of water in my Car I had to empty them to answer the call of nature inside my car, Òmò nah five million Naira fine dey at stake here o and one can’t dispute or deny it as there are cameras everywhere here not like Nija that I can park my car on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and do the BM, most of you may not understand what BM is, my guy that is bowel movement in short ‘Shit or then we call it Short put’.

Happy Friday to all my critics. I am only analyzing the political space in Nigeria as either PYO or BAT is going to feed me and my family or pay my bills.

Remember the man that has the highest amount of cash has control of the delegates and I have not seen an individual that is richer than a Federal Government when it comes to spending, delegates are delicate Species when it comes to the issue of Naira and Dollar.

Oh Sorry, am late, many corpses are waiting to be washed in the Mortuary.

Olujimi Adekanle
Public Affairs Analyst,
Toronto, Canada

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