Woman Spends $250,000 On Cosmetic Surgery To Become Human Barbie Doll


She’s splashed out over $250,000 on cosmetic procedures in the past in her quest to become a ‘human Barbie doll’.

And last month, Tara Jayne looked plastic fantastic as she ran errands in Melbourne while wearing a minuscule hot pink ensemble.

Tara weighs just 99lbs and is banned from getting any more surgery in Australia due to her extreme look.

Her past procedures include five breast augmentations, six nose jobs, and endless rounds of Botox and filler.

Last month, she confirmed she would be heading to Istanbul, Turkey later in the year for another round of cosmetic procedures, despite being warned against it.

Tara revealed her plans to have a facelift and breast augmentation surgery to further enhance her 37-inch bust.

She’s also planning on undergoing a controversial new surgical procedure that permanently changes eye colour.

She is only 33.

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