Air Force Officer Confronts ‘One-Chance’ Syndicate, Arrests 3, Rescues Victims 


A serving Nigerian Air Force (NAF) officer, Air Commodore John Ijudigal, Wednesday, 14 February spoiled the day for a ‘one-chance’ syndicate operating in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), as his action did not only lead to the rescue of victims, but also led to the arrest of three members of the syndicate.

According to AVM Edward Gabkwet, NAF Director of Public Relations and Information, the incident took place at about 7.28 pm when Air Commodore Ijudigal was returning home, in his staff car, after the day’s work, “when he suddenly came across a distressing scene: An Abuja-painted taxi (Mazda 323, registration BWR 232 XB) reversing on high speed, with terrified passengers inside screaming for help.

“In pursuit of the taxi was a black Toyota Land Cruiser. Instinctively, Air Commodore Ijudigal immediately joined in the pursuit by using his official vehicle to block the escape route of the criminals”.

The driver of the ‘one-chance’ operational vehicle, apparently in a state of panic,  collided with Air Commodore Idjudigal’s official vehicle, resulting in significant damage to both cars, the impact of which caused the ‘one-chance’ vehicle to skid into a nearby garden. 

Following the collision, Air Commodore Ijudigal promptly exited his vehicle and chased after one of the suspects, who had fled into a nearby bush.

Assisted by onlookers at the accident scene, Ijudigal apprehended the driver of the ‘one-chance’ vehicle, alongside two other suspects (a male and a female) and successfully rescued two female victims. 

Subsequently, Air Commodore Ijudigal contacted the nearest police post and personally ensured the suspects were handed over to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Commissioner of Police, Mr Benneth Igweh, at his office.

In his comments, the FCT Commissioner of Police commended Air Commodore Ijudigal for his courage, highlighting that his intervention not only foiled a robbery/kidnapping attempt but also played a crucial role in apprehending criminals who have constituted a security risk to law-abiding citizens of the FCT. 

The Commissioner further praised the senior officer’s act as a demonstration of bravery and unwavering commitment to public service. According to him, “The swift and decisive measures taken, no doubt, averted a potential tragedy, reinstating confidence in the security forces”. 

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, has since commended the senior officer for his bravery and act of selfless service. Air Commodore Ijudigal is a former NAF Deputy Director of Sports and is currently the Deputy Director of Logistics at the Defence Headquarters.


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