Breaking: Anthony Joshua Knocks Out Francis Ngannou In Second Round


NIGERIA-born British boxer,  Anthony Joshua has recorded an outstanding victory over Cameronian erstwhile UFC fighter Francis Ngannou knocking him out in the second round of the scheduled 12-round bout.

The fight started on even terms for two minutes until Ngannou went down with about a minute left in the round, a heavy straight right-left hook combination. And this time the Cameroonian looks in serious trouble.

Ngannou somehow made it to his feet, but Joshua wasted no time: the Briton surged into the pocket and dropped him with a heat-seeking overhand right that left Ngannou out cold on the canvas. The referee Richard Gonzales immediately waves it off and it’s over! Anthony Joshua has defeated Francis Ngannou with a savage knockout.

Ngannou down in round one!

Joshua darts in with a jab to the body. Ngannou looking more comfortable than he did in the early stages against Fury. Joshua lands another nice left jab. Joshua blocks a Ngannou right hook upstairs with his glove. Ngannou switches from orthodox to southpaw with about a minute left in the round. What confidence! And just like that, Joshua detonates a massive right hand on Ngannou’s chin and Ngannou is down in a heap! And Ngannou is hurt! He beats the count at nine and there’s about 40 seconds till the bell. Will he make it? And he does! What a first round!

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