Don’t Confront Cultists Directly If You Don’t Have The Means To Defend Yourself – Police Urge Nigerians 


THE Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has urged Nigerians not to confront cultists directly if they do not have the means to defend themselves, and to avoid engaging in potentially dangerous situations.

Reacting to a question on X (formerly Twitter) about threats from cultists to confiscate phones from innocent, law-abiding members of the public, ACP Adejobi, issued cautionary advice, emphasizing the importance of not confronting such individuals single-handedly.

The exchange occurred when an X user reached out to ACP Adejobi, expressing concern over a cultist threatening to confiscate his phone.

Adejobi responded, emphasizing the importance of knowing for sure whether the individual is a cultist before taking action.

It’s not too safe,” Adejobi cautioned. “You need to be sure he’s a cultist. How do you know that? Anyway, don’t single-handedly fight or tackle a cultist if you are not ‘loaded.’”

Instead of confronting the alleged cult member alone, Adejobi proposed alternative solutions.

He suggested reporting the individual to the authorities or organising a group effort to combat the cult and its members.

However, Adejobi also warned against remaining neutral or passive in such situations, stating, “You can’t sit on the fence.”


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