Easter: Sterling Bank Apologises For Likening Christ Resurrection With Agege Bread


Sterling Bank Plc has apologized to the public for putting up a post that compared the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the rise of Agege bread on its social media page and subscribers’ mail.

In celebrating Easter, the bank had shared a post with the quote, “Like Agege Bread, He Rose” which met serious reprisal by many Christians. The post was met with serious condemnation by many Christians.

Describing the post as one that is insensitive and insulting to Christians, social media users demanded that the post be brought down immediately and an apology be tendered by the bank.

However, in its reaction, the bank pulled down the post on its social media page, replacing it with another post and tendered an apology.

Referencing the Bible verse, John 8:7, it quoted on its new post, “…Let he who has never sin cast the first stone” whilst stressing that it sincerely apologises for its recent error.

“Forgive us in the spirit of Easter!” It added.

Emphasizing the post, it wrote, “Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. We humbly celebrate His resurrection, the defeat of death and the hope of salvation.”

Nigerians React To New Post

@unicodeveloper said, “Agege bread is an affordable meal. And in this reference, it’s great because Jesus came down to make salvation affordable & accessible to all of us. We have Jesus now because he’s the real Agege bread. If classism was involved, only the Levites will have access.”

@Oyoyonwa said “Seriously? Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone? And this is supposed to be some kind of apology? Who approves these things?”

@Willifmoore said, “I liked that copy with the bread, and I think it speaks more to African self-hate that we consider a “local” bread somehow unworthy of serving as a metaphor for the same Jesus that came to liberate the masses (locals). I bet you if it said ‘after three days in the oven, he rose’ – no one would complain. It is the mention of Agege causing all this uproar and I think Jesus himself wouldn’t have been near as offended as Nigerians. But alas, copies are aimed for market-fit and not audience education. I also felt bread referencing money and the bread of life was a nice memetic touch too. But oh well, respect for the response and listening to your audience even if it is a tyranny of the majority.”

A user identified as @Macsaltech said, “It is okay you acted on the feedback even though the header in the apology seems coloured and quite cheeky. May we all experience the blessings of the resurrection of CHRIST as we celebrate Easter!”

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