Enforcement Of Quota System, Introduction Of Diaspora Voting Will Be My Priority – Atiku


A frontline presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has said the enforcement of quota system and meritocracy, a judicious fight against corruption and the introduction of diaspora voting into the electoral process are some of the policies he would purse if elected president in next year election.

In his mission statement posted on his website and circulated across emails, the former Vice-President, who was one of the presidential aspirants screened on Friday by the party ahead of its presidential primaries on 28th and 29th May, said he and his team had branded his campaign with the message of unity.

He said to rebuild the country would require restoring its broken bond of unity amongst its diverse people.

“A house divided is an enemy unto itself. So, to truly stop the spiral of insecurity in Nigeria and restore confidence in our economy must begin by strengthening the bond of our national unity,” he stated.

Atiku said he would “fix Nigeria and get it working for the greater good; unify the country and get its people talking about unity and development; rejig and rejuvenate the comatose economy; diversify and liberalise the economy to generate jobs and create new revenue avenues, enforce the true principles of the federal quota system with emphasis on meritocracy.”

The Adamawa State-born politician further said that he would declare a national emergency on energy, security, education, public health and agriculture, among other critical sectors. He also said he would ensure women and youths’ inclusiveness in politics and business and the prompt payment of pensions to retirees.

The former vice-president said he would “bequeath a legacy of good governance and real dividends of democracy, fight corruption judiciously, invest in edu-innovation and plug into global e-commerce.

According to him “our administration will ensure food availability and sustainability, adequate national security and citizens’ welfare; upgrade and improve the living standards of security personnel and equipment for the Armed Forces; explore mutually beneficial foreign affairs policy, both at sub-regional, continental and international levels, revamp Nigeria as the giant of Africa, enrich and enlarge the coast of the electoral process like due diligence, fairness and equity, plus the introduction of high-tech into elections in the country, like Diaspora voting.”

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