“I Don’t Mind Being Yul Edochie’s Third Wife — Amanda Chisom


A Popular Facebook influencer, Amanda Chisom has declared her intention to run for the position of becoming Yul Edochie’s third wife, if he needs one.

According to Amanda, it is Biblical that 5 or 7 women will cling to one man but most people ignore that part and due to that, she is pro-polygamy.

She wrote on Facebook;

“Wonders shall not cease, so Yul with all the lovey Dovey has a second wife, and a son and he is so cute. We are going back to our roots. Polygamy wey no dey stressful. I like this. Gistlover dey plan disgrace, guy man use him hand bring the story. He has a second wife, his wife is aware, gini emezia. I don’t know if he needs a third wife because his voice na agbakam is and if the son will look this fine, I am in.”

In a rejoinder post, she opined that Polygamy will never stop no matter the outrage it elicits from social media.

“How many of you have honestly asked your husband or boyfriend About Polygamy/Polyandry?
How many of you have done a court wedding and even understand what the law means by Bigamy

“Do you as a first wife fighting the extra wife know that with a statutory marriage you can go to court?
While I am still not clear on the laws but there is no law that forbids polygamy except the marriage act.

“While I understand we cannot all support polygamy or be against it, I always want women to know they have options.

Don’t ever forget that, if all of you like do not support polygamy, I will support it. I am stubborn like that

“Please if your husband marries another wife, you have options, go through the grief stage then take action,

“1. Accept it and ask for conditions, especially if you have kids for him, tell him to find another house for her and state clearly what your children will be getting, and what you will be getting . Because whether you like it or not, his heart is with her, you will not win the fight,

“2. Sue him for bigamy, if you have money to do case and you did statutory marriage. Talk to your lawyer.

“3, Divorce him. A man that is talking to another woman to the extent of marriage loves her, I will never understand or support fighting for who is not fighting for you.

“Polygamy will not stop, all this outrage will not work. It is what it is, no woman wants it even those who do not have kids sef, no go gree talkless of the one with the three sons and the most beautiful girl I have seen.

“Just pray your husband does not marry a second wife that’s all because if he does na this three options you go still explore. For people who believe everything in the Bible will come to pass,you all keep skipping the part of 5 Abi 7 women will go to one man and say give us your name we get our own money. Everything wey Bible talk must happen.

“ODOGWU EKWESIRI I DI SOFT , O DI SOFT IFE EME BIE” I am sure this is what he told his wife ????????? Nwannem na Ntej.”

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