‘Keep Your Mouth Shut, Don’t Argument With Your Husband’ – Minister Tells Women


THE Minister for Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye has advised women in the country not to argue or fight back when having arguments with their husbands at home

The minister said this during a Conference of Commissioners of State Ministries of Women Affairs in Nigeria on Wednesday. 

“I am equally begging my women not to look for trouble not even at home. Maintain peace in your home because if a home is peaceful, the woman has 80% to contribute to that. If you need peace, you can equally achieve it

“Keep your mouth shut. Talking back does not yield fruit, rather it leads to d#ath and destruction, it leads to bringing up bad children for society

“Keep your mouth shut, it does not make you a fool but a wise person. When the man is shouting and saying all sorts of things, act like a fool and keep your mouth shut. After a while, watch him. If he is a good man, he will come back to apologise. If he is not a good one, ignore him”,  she told the gathering.  

“The same man that injures you will come back to say I am sorry. What will you do? Will you kill him? Even if we come out to fight for you and you lose one eye, are we going to replace the eye? So prevention is better than cure.”

While advocating for the establishment of a mobile court to try gender and sexual-based offences, Mrs Ohaneye says she would lead a protest to the office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation to sign the law.

She added that the ministry would also launch an integrity group to monitor all funds donated to uplift women in the country.


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