New Senegal President Appoints Political Mentor, Ousmane Sonko, Prime Minister


THE newly inaugurated President of Senegal, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, has named the leader of the biggest opposition party, Ousmane Sonko, as his Prime Minister.

Sonko had originally been named as the opposition’s presidential candidate until his arrest prior to the election, which made him ineligible to stand for office in a move that sparked mass protests. 

He then named Faye as his political mentee and urged the Senegalese to vote for him.

Sonko, a prominent opponent of former President Macky Sall, has long been a figurehead for the nation’s youth and garnered significant support despite being barred from the March 24 presidential election due to a defamation conviction, which he vehemently denied.

Under the rallying cry of “Diomaye is Sonko,” he urged supporters to back Faye, who ultimately clinched victory with an impressive 54% of the vote in the first round of elections.

Following his inauguration on Tuesday, President Faye wasted no time in announcing Sonko as his prime minister, signaling a commitment to inclusivity and embracing diverse political voices in his administration.

In response to his appointment, Sonko expressed his determination to support President Faye fully, stating his intention to present a comprehensive list of proposed ministerial appointments for Faye’s approval.

“There will be no question of leaving him (Faye) alone to assume this heavy responsibility,” Sonko affirmed, underlining his commitment to working closely with the president to address the nation’s challenges and deliver on their promises to the Senegalese people.


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