Open Letter To Edo APC Leaders And Members


By Prince Charles Ebohon

Dear Party Leaders and Members,

IN deciding the choice of our candidate for the 2024 guber election, we must remove personal, tribal, religious and political interests and ensure that the candidate we nominate must be: 

  1. Somebody who has a work history either in the private or public sector; and whose source of money is verifiable and unquestionable. This will remove so much burden from us when canvassing for votes from the electorate.
  2. Somebody who can engage any aspirant or stakeholder in any debate on issues of economy, education, health, security and in areas of public and private interest, etc and make us proud. Many voters usually decide who to vote for after debates and media engagements, and if we have a candidate who can creditably engage his opponents during debates because of his intelligence, intellectual acumen and vast experience, it will be a big advantage for us. 
  3. Somebody who has no certificate controversy and whose identity, history, character or integrity is unquestionable. Apart from issues of litigation, this will remove the burden of trying to prove our candidate’s educational qualifications in the conventional as well as the court of public opinion.
  4. Somebody who can mobilise and deploy personal resources in kick-starting the electioneering process without waiting for friends and party leaders to raise money before anything can be done. We are dealing with an incumbent governor who has a lot of financial resources to deploy for the campaign. We also need an aspirant who can seamlessly catalyse financial inflow into our campaign. 
  5. Somebody who has a very good network and relationship with people from the private and public sectors and who can use them to influence stakeholders and voters for us. The likely PDP candidate has strong connections with the private and public sectors and we need a candidate who can also match him. 
  6. Somebody whose loyalty to the APC and the leaders has never been in doubt or questioned and who has been very consistent in his support for our party.

In our opinion, the one aspirant who stands out with these attributes is PRINCE CLEM AGBA. 

Let us not miss this unique opportunity to re-invent our party and return it to winning ways.

2024 is our date with destiny which we must pursue with renewed hope. 


Prince Charles Ebohon

For: Concerned APC Stakeholders

Eighteen-Eleven Media 

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