Woman Commits Suicide After Being Caught Having Sex With Husband’s Colleague


A South Africa-based Zimbabwean woman has reportedly taken her own life after she was caught pants down with her husband’s colleague.

H-Metro reported that the woman identified as Mai Aisha was captured in a viral video having sex with her husband’s coworker. The pair faced a violent confrontation from Mai Aisha’s husband, referred to as Baba Aisha, and his friends upon being caught.

Baba Aisha recounted that the incident unfolded after receiving a tip-off while Mai Aisha tried to justify Madzibaba’s presence by claiming he was there to fix a light.

Following the confrontation, Mai Aisha took her life the next day. Baba Aisha, devastated by the turn of events, shared his account, revealing that he had physically confronted his wife and discussed her infidelity, agreeing that she should return to her family’s home. He even arranged a bus ticket for her, intending for her to leave, only to return from work to find her deceased.

Baba Aisha described the scene, recalling discovering an empty bottle of poison beside her lifeless body, along with a note indicating her actions. He expressed his overwhelming sense of loss and confusion, unsure of how to proceed.

He said; “I assaulted her when I caught her with my friend. We talked about her cheating and agreed that she should go back to Kumba Kwavo. I then booked her a bus ticket but found her dead when I came back from work. I saw an empty bottle and a note by her side saying she (swallowed) the poison, I don’t know where to start now.”


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