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Christianity Is The Best Thing That Happened To Nigeria ― Kumuyi

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The General Overseer of Deeper Life Christian Ministries, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, has reiterated his argument that the introduction of Christianity to Nigeria is the best thing that has happened in the history of the country, citing the abolition of the killing of twins as an example.

Pastor Kumuyi stated this on Wednesday, during a press briefing in Yenagoa, shortly arriving at the Bayelsa International Airport, for four a day crusade, which is expected to commence tomorrow March 24, 2022.

According to him, the four days crusade, that is scheduled to hold at the Bayelsa Medical University, is expected to bring “Christians who have gone astray one way or the other back home to God and the church.”

Speaking further, he said “great things shall be done and those who have gone astray one way or the other they have been brought back home back to God, back to church as well as the society and many miracles have been taking place.

“We have seen all kinds of miracle where broken bones come back together, cancer healed, terminal diseases taken away and great things, not only in Bayelsa but all over the world.

“We are not only having the crusade here but we have gone all over the world, and we have gotten testimonies from America, from Europe, even different countries that are not part of Africa.

“This one is going to be special because this represents full redemption which means the total release and total freedom. And whatever pain anyone is feeling or sickness, everything will be broken and all that participate will enjoy the goodness of God.

“There is no one, so far away from God, that God cannot heal or help or redeem. So, he is going to give us whole redemption.

“Before the coming of Christ to the world there were quite a lot of problems and before christ was revealed to Nigerians, the history of Nigerians before Christianity suffered from those problems.

“The killing of twins for example is a thing of the past. a lot of good deeds has come because of Christ and so this is not just religious or personal, it is for all of us.

“It is for the Saint, it is for the nation and as we come together to the Lord, the Lord will grant us the blessing we need, whether financially or economically, He will glorify Himself in blessing the people.

“Well I will say is worrisome but sometimes when you look at the population and the things that are happening in Nigeria, sometimes the angle we are looking at is based on statistics and probability.

“If you consider the size of the people destroying this country, and the population of Christians, you will ask yourself if Christians and the church don’t exist in those areas.

“If everything is in total darkness, the situation of Nigeria would have been worse. I think we need to thank God that Christianity came to Nigeria and brought a real change to the lives of many families.

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