‘Dosh Lowkee’: Unveiling The Quintessential Entertainment, Real Estate Investment Mogul 


Mr. Sunday Stephen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dosh Entertainment Empire (registered as Doshlowkee Entertainment Limited) and Doshlowkee Properties Limited. Popularly known as ‘Dosh Lowkee’, Stephen’s investments are undoubtedly growing in leaps and bounds. Eighteen-Eleven Media’s Kemisola Oye attempts an expose what makes him tick. 

IT is often said that  “when an old woman falls, she tarries to count the things she carries in her basket”. This aphorism may just be an appropriate description of the recent entrepreneurial accomplishments of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Doshlowkee Entertainment Limited. 

The entertainment and property guru recently announced his partnership with Simply Webtech Limited and has indicated an interest in continuous investment in other sectors of the economy so as to not just expand his business portfolio, but importantly to continue to contribute his quota to the development of his fatherland, particularly in the area of job creation. 

‘Dosh Lowkee’ did not mince words while speaking with Eighteen-Eleven Media when he said his interest in the property market manifested when his company lawyer and secretary, who registered his entertainment company, introduced him to the enormous possibilities inherent in the property market. This, he stated, piqued his interest and through the same lawyer he registered his property company and since then he hasn’t regretted his decision. 

Wherever the saying “A fresh start isn’t a new place, it’s a new mindset” becomes conversational, the story of ‘Dosh Lowkee’s meritocratic rise in the business of entertainment always comes to mind. According to the mogul, “When I was about to register my property company, I had the mindset that this was going to be a separate business, that my investments, profits and business interest in my entertainment business would have nothing to do with the property company

•‘Dosh Lowkee’

“First, I mapped out a strategic plan highlighting the source of funds, then proceeded to map out property choice areas in Lagos State. It was after I saw the profits being generated in the property industry that I decided to then register a company in 2023 through Mr Ademola Adefolaju Esq., who doubles as my company lawyer/secretary and my personal lawyer.           

Speaking further,  ‘Dosh Lowkee’ said “The mission of the property company is to revolutionize the estate industry in Nigeria, by offering genuine property of value to its customers”. 

As far as entertainment investment interest is concerned, ‘Dosh Lowkee’ opined that “Dosh Entertainment Empire is an innovative and dynamic entertainment organisation that has carved a niche for itself in the industry. He further noted that the organisation was founded with a deep-seated passion for music, film, philanthropy and arts, with the primary objective of the company being to discover, nurture, and promote talents, thereby contributing significantly to the entertainment industry.

According to him, at Dosh Entertainment, the belief is that entertainment is as powerful a tool as a fun time, education, and inspiration, and, if effectively deployed, can save lives and change society for good. And its output is not only about fun but more of entertainment, culturally relevant and impactful content to the general populace.

On his partnership deal with Simply Webtech Limited and his investment therein, ‘Dosh Lowkee’ stated thus; “it is an idea rooted in the trends in financial investment and profit making”, He further stated that; “if you look at the world today, particularly the financial market, you will discover that everything is driven by technology, so much that hardly would a business transaction go through without the input of technology, and in the nearest future, technology will dominate, completely, the financial business environment and investment, and even our day-to-day life and activities”. 

He then intoned that his interest in investing with Simply Webtech Limited was majorly a result of this fact. According to him, Simply Webtech Limited is operating with the objective of developing web, software, block-chain and mobile applications, and these “are the businesses that hold the future of the world. 

My objective is to contribute my quota, the best way I can, to the Nigerian economy. Government alone can’t do it all, we must have our input as well, and that is how we can have a better Nigeria with financial stability without illegality becoming the order of the day”. he stated


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