Okuama Killings: CDS Points Finger At A ‘General’ As The Mastermind 


THE Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, has revealed who was responsible for the massacre of 17 troops in Delta State’s Okuama town.

On 14 March, insurgents killed 17 soldiers, including the Commanding Officer of the 181 Amphibious Battalion, two majors, one captain, and 12 battalion men, at Okuama.

Speaking on Arise News on Wednesday, General Musa said a certain “General” Endurance Amagbein is the main suspect in the soldiers’ killings in Okuama.

The CDS said the militant leader was the one who actually planned and executed the military officers and soldiers with his boys.

He said, “He is actually the mastermind. He is the one who actually planned and executed this with his boys. And you know they have a lot of issues of cultism within the general area. And again, like I always say, because they were making money illegally, they feel that they are above board, they have so much money that they can do whatever and they buy whoever it is that they can.

“But that’s one mistake they made. I think they’ve tried the wrong guys. And this time around, the full weight of the law is coming after him and his own team.”

Musa also appealed to Nigerians to not provide any support or logistics to the wanted suspects.

He said, “During the investigation if we find out that you are also part of it, the law will take its course on you.”


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