Tyson Fury Vs Anthony Joshua Will Be “Richest Fight Ever,” Worth £200m – Eddie Hearn


ANTHONY Joshua and Tyson Fury will both earn £100 million each for their mega-fight, boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn has said.

Eddie Hearn further said that the Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua fight will be the “richest fight ever,” a £200 million showdown at Wembley Stadium later this year that will be the biggest fight in the history of boxing. 

Hearn told Piers Morgan: “It’s worth north of £100m for each guy. It’s the richest fight ever, the biggest fight ever. When you talk about the Rumble in the Jungle and you talk about Thrilla in Manilla, nothing will come close to Joshua against Fury.

“Two of the biggest heavyweights in the history of the sport, in the biggest moment for the sport that anyone can remember.

“Not just a generational fight, but a fight across the entire history of the sport, since the Queensberry rules were introduced.”

Joshua and Fury have been linked to fight for almost a decade and a path may now open up for them to meet in the ring if Fury beats Oleksandr Usyk in their undisputed heavyweight world title fight next month. ‘AJ’ has been promised a shot against the winner of that fight after he brutally knocked out former UFC champion Francis Ngannou last month.

If Fury and Joshua do end up making over £100m each, it won’t however trump the estimated £230m Floyd Mayweather pocketed and £80m Conor MacGregor took home for their 2017 crossover fight. Mayweather also earned around £200m for his 2015 ‘Fight of the Century’ against Manny Pacquiao, who earned £100 million for his defeat.


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