Peter Obi Threatens To Leave Labour Party Over Leadership Crisis


THE Labour Party’s presidential candidate during the 2023 general elections, Mr. Peter Obi, has hintted on the possibility of dumping the party before the 2027 election season.

He made this statement yesterday during a discussion with his followers on his Verified X space, which Parallel Facts was hosting. 

The former governor of Amambra State clarified that he won’t be sidetracked because his main goal is to make Nigeria work for all of its residents, a point that devoted Obidient Movement supporters have accepted. 

He claimed that the manufactured crisis within the Labour Party was a ploy intended to divert attention, which neither he nor his backers were prepared to fall for. 

Obi said, “Our engagement is about Nigeria, they are trying to change our focus. What we want to do is not about Labour Party; it is about what the Obidients want to do about Nigeria.

We are thinking about water, we are thinking about power, we are thinking about employment, thinking about security. That should be our focus. 

“The other matter we will deal with. We were somewhere, we didn’t start with Labour.

I’m a Christian. Jesus said, When you go into a city, try to change them, live with them, fast with them. in the end, you can’t, come out and even wash the sand that is on your shoes. 

“He didn’t say go there and die with them. I tell you, I’m making spirited efforts to change them (LP), but I’m not going to die with them. 

“That will not stop what we set out to do. We will try to change them (LP), if we can’t, we will leave them; we will not die with them.” 


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