Record Breaker Finishedi George Is Not The Coach We Need


By Adewale Ajayi

HE shattered an 18-year-old record as the first Nigerian coach to defeat the Black Stars of Ghana who lost with ten men on the pitch (the headline that day was…. ‘Brilliant Finidi’)

Four days later, same man shattered another record. This time, it is a 49 year-old-record as the first Nigerian coach to lose to Mali and the name changed from Brilliant to *#Finishedi George*

I am not a prophet but I hardly get these things wrong. There is only one coach in today’s Nigeria, that can qualify us for the Nations Cup and World Cup. If we decide not to give him the job, then give the job to a foreign coach. 

In 2021, I was at the forefront of the Gernot Rohr must-go campaign. Eventually, they got him sacked and I told my dear country, please go and employ the best Nigerian coach alive, they didn’t listen, they went for Augustine Eguaveon and the results are there for all to see. We went out in the second round of the AFCON and failed to qualify for the World Cup. 

From my comfort zone, I laughed and watched them groan and mourn. 

If only they listened to me and made the right man the chief coach, we would have been in Qatar. They refused and the rest is history. 

We are back to the same scenario, we need a coach who will take us to the next Nations Cup in Morocco and the World Cup in my beloved country, Canada, the United States and Mexico. 

Again, I am here saying that there is only one Nigerian coach who has the capacity to take us to these competitions. If he fails, I will walk naked from North America to Africa. Don’t make him an assistant, make him the head coach and let’s hold him responsible. 

If we insist on Finidi and stand by him, Nigeria will not qualify for the World Cup. This is not a curse, this is what the oracle just told me. Even if he manages to qualify us for the Nations Cup, we will not make it beyond the quarter-final. 

Like Eguaveon, Finidi will dazzle to deceive but will not win a kettle. These are not my words, this is a message from the gods. 

Let’s be wise, Adewale Ajayi hardly gets these things wrong

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